peaceful environment to elevate our spiritual life


Husayni Madrasah’s vision is to nurture students to become ‘Thinking and Practicing Muslims’


We will continue enforcing our mission to ‘Build a strong relationship with the Holy Qur’an’ and in addition, we seek to create a safe, exciting, Islamic learning environment where students are treated with love, kindness, and respect. Parents are urged to keep up with the practice of Qur’an recitation with the students since time spent at the Madrasah is not sufficient to improve their recitation skills. Regular monitoring of the students’ progress in a formative way will determine promotion.

More About Us

The Husayni Madrasah thrives to provide a peaceful environment to elevate our spiritual life through self- purification by acquiring Islamic knowledge that is obligatory (wajib) for us. For us to succeed, we must have protocols to maintain the integrity and efficient operations. This relates to students, staff, parents and administration of the Husayni Madrasah.

The teachers at Husayni Madrasah play a crucial role as part of the learning process. We have great dedicated teachers with decades of experience in our faculty. They have vast knowledge of their areas of expertise. We also conduct regular training to enhance their core subject matter as well as explore new and effective learning techniques to enrich the academic environment.

Subjects We Teach


We have been blessed with a wealth of history from where we learn and apply lessons learned with wisdom and intellect.



Qur'an recitation is a core subject for all students of classes 7-10. We assist students to attain a level of confidence to be able to recite the holy Qur'an fluently.



Ahkam forms a basis for our daily spiritual deeds. It is imperative that we learn the required methods of performing the rituals in order to elevate our spirituality.



Our belief is the foundation that firms our internal recognition of our Creator and the fundamental purpose of our life.



How to implement the tennets of the holy scripture form part of our knowledge base in guiding us on the right path, the path to salvation.