Welcome message from the husayni madrasah for 2024/1445(AH)

Dear Parents and Students,
Assalamun Alaikum. 

The Management and staff of the Husayni Madrasah is pleased to welcome you to academic year 2023/1444 (AH). We are extremely happy to start our new year to continue to pursue Islamic knowledge and values through Ahlul-Bayt (AS). We have an exciting, fruitful and productive year ahead. With the help of the Almighty (swt) and your full cooperation (students & parents) we will be successful.

The Husayni Madrasah thrives to provide a peaceful environment to elevate our spiritual life through self-purification by acquiring Islamic knowledge that is obligatory (wajib) for us. For us to succeed, we must have protocols to maintain the integrity and efficient operations. This circular provides the fundamental functioning roles for us to follow to maintain a pristine environment. This relates to students, staff, parents and administration of Husayni Madrasah.

The teachers at Husayni Madrasah play a crucial role as part of the learning process. We have great dedicated teachers with decades of experience in our faculty. They have vast knowledge of their areas of expertise. We also conduct regular training to enhance their core subject matter as well as explore new and effective learning techniques to enrich the academic environment.

We take these guidelines very seriously. We encourage you (Students and Parents) to read it thoroughly and complete the online consent agreement provided as part of enrolment process. This must be completed before 31st January 2024. The student will not be able to attend classes if this is not done.

– The Husayni Madrasah Team